Top 10 Best Interior Designers in Bangalore(2022)

Are you looking for the Best Interior Designers in Bangalore? Here is the list of Top 10 Interior Designers in Bangalore ✅✅✅.

A well-designed interior sets the stage for a happy home. It keeps you feeling grounded in a comfortable space that’s uniquely your own. Thoughtful design choices make all the difference, from color themes to furniture arrangements to lighting placement. Interior design is about more than making your place look good; it makes you feel good too!

As the notion of interior design in Bangalore is expanding to a new age, people are turning out to be more conscious of their surroundings and what they need. We have created a list of the best interior designers in Bangalore.

When looking for an interior designer it is crucial that they have leadership skills. This is one quality that will serve you positively during the whole process, and it’s not the only one that will make your experience better. 

From getting the top interior designers in Bangalore to help you plan your perfect dream home from the concept stage to the finishing touches, some even offer free design consultations. 

Here is a list of the top 10 Hyderabad interior Bangalore companies

List of Top 10 Interior Designers in Bangalore



1. Aishwarya Interiors Pvt Ltd.


Envisaging the latest trends and designs, this one of the famous interior designers of Bangalore has now got a reputation for its name. 

Specializing in home interiors Bangalore, they keep tempo with the latest trends and inspire creative interior designs for the clients. Also, they adhere to the famed principles of simplicity, innovation, and newness in every project they execute.

Giving a whole new look to your homes, this reputed design firm imbued a contemporary feel that has become the need of the hour. With a wide range of products in their fold and a sheer passion for making every home sparkle, you can rely on this firm for its impeccable services. 

Additionally, they will fulfill your interior design needs with utmost precision. Mostly, you will get kitchen and bathroom designing products from this interior design firms in Bangalore

Address: #31, Marathalli, Outer Ring Road Bengaluru, Karnataka 560103

Phone: +91 7829767575



2. Design Arc Interiors


With a penchant for designing and decorating, this company has crafted its reputation with the studious pursuit of giving utmost satisfaction to its clients.

After carving a niche for itself in the market back, it brought about a whole new style in commercial office interior designers in Bangalore that is reminiscent of contemporary interior designs. 

Attributing to their innovative ideas and unique style, they thus managed to entice thousands of clients across Bangalore who have found themselves being taken care of by one of the top interior designers of Bangalore

Address: No 62, 2nd Floor, 6th Cross HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102

Phone: +91 9620789719



3. Puran Interiors


Being a reputed name in the market of Interior design companies in Bangalore, this firm boasts of providing cheap interior designers in Bangalore that are highly sought after by clients across Bangalore.

The credit for their success is attributable to the management and efficient staff that the firm has in its fold. Executing their work in an impressive way, they have till date managed to enthrall thousands of customers who swear by their excellence in interior designing. 

From flooring to wall art, this firm is known for coming up with innovative ideas that solve your home decor needs with perfection.  You will get low-budget interior designers in Bangalore at RAV interior designs.

Address: 255, Royal Heights, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102

Phone: +91 9591481111



4. Simply Interiors


For taking your homes from drab to fab, this design studio is a perfect choice for renovating and furnishing them.

This firm started operation back in the year 2010 and has since then executed several projects that have earned it a name for itself today across Bangalore. 

Designing not just your homes but also interior decorations, this top interior designer company made its mark in the market by associating quality with every project they perform. You will surely get good service from this best interior designing company in Bangalore

Address: Ground Floor, #5 MCHS, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102

Phone: +91 9341074074



5. CubeDecors


A name that offers you state-of-the-art designing and decorating services, Bluesky concept is a company you can trust for your home interiors.

For the people who want a designer who will execute their plans with utmost precision, they are exactly what you need. Committed to providing quality services, they have earned a reputation for themselves in this field of industry and are known to be the best in their field today as well as tomorrow…

Trust on their designs, you can locate yourself getting your perfect needs fulfilled with utmost perfection.

Address: 3rd floor, Soul Space Paradigm, Marathahalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560037

Phone: +91-9663224224



6. Magnon Interiors


Having a penchant for designing and decorating in a contemporary style, this company is a perfect choice for those who want to get their dream homes realized through interior designing. 

With years of expertise to its name and a diligent team that executes the task immaculately well, this firm has ensured it gets many clients every year. Loving their work, people across Bangalore have placed their trust in Carafina Interior designers for providing them with world-class services in interior designing as well as decorating. Gorgeous and best interiors are the final result you will get.

Address: 59, 1st floor, Dodda Banaswadi Main Rd, HRBR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560043

Phone:  +91-8880646464

Email: reachus@localhost


7. TASA Interior Designer Bangalore


Having years of experience in the field of interior designing, this firm has created a name for itself by dedicating its services to interior decorating with utmost precision. 

The credits for their success are attributable to the excellent service they have been able to offer to the clients which made them grow in number day after day. Working together with utmost precision, this design firm offers professionalism and quality service that people across Bangalore can trust for their interiors as well as decorating needs.  

Address: Rich Homes, BSK III, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560025

Phone: +91 9845203507



8. Blue Interiors


A reputed name that provides you with exceptional designing and decorating services, this design studio has been able to carve for themselves a niche in the landscape of home interiors today by partaking in various design and decorating projects. 

With their dedication to providing the clients with impeccable services, they have managed to increase their number of clients every year since starting their work in 2008. Their expertise is only matched by the patience they have shown while fulfilling each and every need that a customer may have in mind. Get your interiors designed by them today!

Address: #155, Kodathi Gate, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560087

Phone: +91-8123387210



9. Wudzo


Having a passion for interior designing, this design firm has crafted its reputation with the quality of service that it offers to its clients. 

Affiliated with The Institute of Interior Designing (IID) in Mumbai, this firm has managed to carve for itself a name in excellence in both designing and decorating with utmost precision and perfection. 

With the right amount of patience and dedication, they have managed to give their best in every project they execute making them stand out in today’s world of interior designer companies in Bangalore

Address: 2nd floor, Vanganahalli, HSR Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102

Phone: +91-7577999000



10. C2D Interiors


Supplying innovative interior designing solutions that solve your difficult home interiors with perfection, this company is a perfect choice for those who want to get their home decor needs to be fulfilled in the most efficient manner. 

With a team of interior design experts, they have been able to carve their name in the market among both customers and peers over the years. Scale Inch offers complete interior designing solutions with stylish and functional aspects. Building compelling interiors with phenomenal design is absolutely up their alley and has a great portfolio to show off.  

Address: 1685/1 , 2nd floor, BDA Layout, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560102

Phone: +91-9741000348



Some Other Designers:

Final Words


A great interior design company should be well-organized, have a high degree of professionalism, and continuously strive to provide excellent customer service. It is important that they do not just stick with one type of project. The company should constantly strive to find ways to enhance the quality of their customer’s home or property by making it a more beautiful and functional space.

While choosing a low cost interior designer in Bangalore, remember that a good designer understands your personal preferences and creates or works from that. You should be able to trust him to meet your requirements and make informed decisions for you. 

The Interior design brands in Bangalore you choose for your home should have their own presence including a corporate office. Prior to hiring any interior design company Bangalore see the portfolio of the firm and read the testimonials from other clients in order to make an informed choice. Your home or office defines the person you are. So, choose the best interior decoration company in Bangalore and live nicely.

 The third-party certification on ISO standards would be another point in favor of choosing the design firm. You may also prefer online design firms which may be cost-effective as well as provide better services than local interior designers in Bangalore.

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